Wedding Dances | Prepare for Your Big Day in Style

The first dance at your wedding should be unforgettable. With our wedding dance lessons, you can perfect your dancing and improve your confidence before the big day arrives.

Practice Makes Perfect

Weddings can be stressful and they can be complicated. Organizing so many different details takes a lot of time, effort, and planning. 96% of couples say that planning a wedding is stressful, while 40% go so far as to say that wedding planning is 'extremely stressful'. One of the leading causes of stress ahead of a wedding day is the first dance (and indeed subsequent dances). While it is undoubtedly a memorable time, when you and your partner are able to share a special moment together, the idea of it can also induce fear and panic. Whether you have zero prior dance experience or consider yourself to have two left feet, it's natural to be worried about the upcoming dance. That's why wedding dance lessons from Quartier Latin are so popular and effective for couples-to-be. To book a lesson just give us a call.

Find Your Step with Our Lessons

As highlighted above, practice makes perfect! Therefore, we suggest that you start taking dance lessons two to three months in advance of your wedding, to give you time to properly prepare. That said, even if you only have a couple of weeks left before the big day, we can still do it! We recommend a minimum of 5 lessons for a more simple choreography. If you are interested in learning more advanced choreography with lifts, we recommend 10 lessons to make sure you feel confident ahead of the first dance. If you have any specific requests, we will be happy to facilitate these within our lessons. Schedule a lesson 3-5 days prior to your desired time to ensure availability. To book a lesson just give us a call.

Why Choose Quartier Latin?

Established in 2007, Quartier Latin has quickly grown to become recognized as one of Canada's best dance schools. We have worked with countless couples planning their first dance. Our focus is on preparing you fully for your wedding while also having fun and imparting useful skills that you can take with you. Our wedding couples attest that they love the flexible schedule, the personalized choreography, and our patented tips and tricks to help you navigate the big day and everything that goes with it.

Find Your Inner Dancer

If you are planning a wedding and are nervous about the prospect of dancing in front of your guests, then Quartier Latin is here to help prepare you. To book a lesson just give us a call.

What couples love

  • Flexible schedule
  • Personalized choreography
  • Tips and tricks for the big day
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