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Get private dance lessons in Montreal from a professionally trained two-time champion dancer at one of the top dancing schools in Canada. Contact Quartier Latin.

Personalized Private Dancing Lessons

Get personal dance lessons tailored to your preferences, goals, and individual needs. This is the best way to not only improve your dance skills but to learn personalized choreography as well. When taking private dance lessons at Quartier Latin, you will also get guidance from a professional two-time champion. This is especially helpful when preparing to compete. In addition, we personalize your dance training just for you to accommodate your schedule. Get in touch to learn more about our customized classes!

What Students Gain from Private Dance Classes

There are many ways that private dance instruction can benefit students. The following are just some of them:

Personal Preferences

Some people enjoy learning to dance while surrounded by others in group dance classes. However, there are many who may shy away from dance groups. These are the people who could benefit more from taking private dance sessions.

Personalized Dance Lessons

Unlike group dance learning, private lessons are tailored to you only according to your experience and skill level. This means that you will have the dance instructor’s undivided attention and they can spend more time focusing on you in face-to-face settings.

Faster Progress

You are more likely to progress much faster with private dancing lessons than you would with a full dance class. This is because your dance instruction is tailored to your skill level, and your dance instructor focuses on your weaknesses and improvements.

Learn a Dance Fast

Whether you are training for a dance competition, dancing at a wedding, want to learn a specific dance move, or just want to upgrade your dance skills, opting for private dance lessons is a great choice. In any case, investing in private dance lessons is a great way to learn the best dance moves.

Work at Your Own Pace

Taking private dance lessons is ideal for those who want to set their own pace of learning. When taking a group dance class, participants may sometimes feel pressured to keep up with the others. That's why private dance classes are ideal for slow learners who need more time to learn the routines.

Build Self-Confidence

Some people would rather improve their dancing skills first before dancing in front of others. This is especially true for those who lack confidence in dancing. Private dance lessons give you self-confidence in your dancing skills and it helps boost your morale.

Montreal's Favorite Dance Studio

Quartier Latin has been offering dance lessons in Montreal since 2007. We offer a variety of kids dance lessons and adult dance instruction. Dance lessons include Latin dance, ballroom Latin dance, ballroom dance, dancesport, Latin fitness dance, wedding dance lessons, and more. We are currently known as one of the top dance schools in Canada. The director and coach of Quartier is a Quebec champion and two-time Canadian vice-champion, Alina Litvak. Alina is also a Canadian world championship representative and one of the top 24 Latin professional rising stars of the Blackpool Dance Festival.

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